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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Easy Fried Rice

This makes enough for at least 2 servings.

20 ml. vegetable oil
30 gr. ham, julienned
1 green onion, chopped
1 Tbsp. carrot, diced and blanched
1 Tbsp. celery, diced and blanched
2 cups cooked rice
10 ml soy sauce
1 egg

The cooked rice is simple. It can be leftover rice in your fridge or whatever rice you have hanging around in the pantry. Cook according to its own directions.

Let's process the carrots and celery. Peel and square carrot, and chop in to 1/4" cubes. Slice celery in half, in half again and slice into cubes like the carrot. Blanching is straight forward; drop celery and carrots boiling water WITH A STRAINER, a mesh one will work the best. If you don't you will be there forever scooping out carrot and celery. Blanch for ~2min. Drop into a bowl with ice water (also known as an ice bath) and cool completely. This stops the cooking process. Place into small bowl with paper towel so they dry. If you want to add peas it's the same procedure. With frozen peas, only blanch for about 30 seconds. With fresh peas, I'd say about a minute or until they're a beautiful green colour.

Square off the ham as best you can and julienne 1/8in thick. A piece of ham the size of lunch meat is the best size. Slice green onion.  Crack egg into bowl and whisk just to break the yolk.

Add oil into a saute pan and let heat on medium high. Add veggies and ham into pan. Spread around the pan with a spoon. Cook for about a minute and season with black pepper. Add rice and season with salt now if desired. Toss and stir the mixture. Create little hole in the center of the rice mixture and pour egg in. Stir egg, careful not to mix with the rice yet. When the egg is fully cooked stir through. Add soy sauce and stir.

That's it! This something I learnt the first week of my cooking classes. It was the most stressful thing in the world at the time, and now it would probably take half an hour at the most.

I'm going to alternate every day between cooking and baking recipes. Does anyone have any requests? I have about 30 weeks worth of recipies, and every week we usually made two things per class. I also know a lot about cooking terms, different cooking utensils and cooking techniques. Would those posts be interesting?


  1. that looks delicious, and healthy!
    check out my blog for tips on going green!
    I'm following you in hopes of more yummy recipes!
    you have my Respect

  2. TASTY! Yummy, hmm...

    Follow me I am already following you.


  3. Been trying to eat healthier. I might just give this a try.